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Business Loan

What is a Business Loan?

There are different types of business loans but most common is a term loan for a fixed amount, which is to be repaid over a period of time.

This type of loan gives you a lump sum upfront that you pay back in regular monthly or quarterly instalments.

Once repaid, it's done. Typically, you can borrow from short-term (1-3 years) to long-term (10 years or more). It's commonly used for major investments or projects.

Business Loan Example

Business Loan Example


A south-west brewery, a renowned craft beer maker earned a reputation for its unique brews. The company had recently secured contracts with several international distributors, opening a significant market opportunity.


To meet this international demand, the business required substantial upgrades to its production facility, additional equipment, and an expanded storage area. However, the company lacked the necessary funds for this massive expansion.


A term loan of £10 million, repayable over 10 years gave the company the ability to invest in their operations to meet the increased demand from the new contracts and grow their business.