At HyLend, we take a hybrid approach to merging traditional processes with innovative technology, to empower businesses with a vision to facilitate the transition into the digital economy.

Our Story

Hylend was born out of frustration with existing funding options available to businesses.

Our mission is to digitise and standardise debt financing, providing vital capital to businesses that support jobs, foster economic growth and fuel the lifeblood of the economy.

Infrastructure and processes in many areas of the loan market is outdated, inefficient and costly. HyLend’s vision is to upgrade debt capital markets infrastructure to make accessing capital easier, faster and cheaper for all stakeholders.


HyLend specialises in debt finance solutions ranging from £100,000 to £100 million for businesses, eligible trusts, and family offices in the UK.

We simplify the fragmented market, providing a new solution to unlock capital and opportunities, fostering growth in the UK economy.

Accelerators and Partners


In our quest to empower businesses with access to funding, we have successfully connected with leading accelerators. These collaborations provide our business with vital resources and mentorship, helping us bridge the gap between financial infrastructure and innovation.

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